- - Travel Channel Combines America’s Best Sand Sculptors and Breathtaking Pyrotechnics For a Unique Twist on Building Sandcastles at the Beach - -

On Saturday, March 8 from 9-11 PM (ET/PT), SAND BLASTERS III: THE EXTREME SAND SCULTPING CHAMPIONSHIP brings some of the world’s best sand sculptors to San Diego, California for this unique annual two-hour special.  Eight teams, including Sand Blasters’ first all female team, first father/daughter team, and its youngest and oldest challengers ever, compete for bragging rights and a share of $15,000 prize money.  In addition to the usual challenges of creating award worthy sand sculptures while facing the clock and the elements--a devious twist lies buried beneath the sand.

Throughout the competition, teams will be randomly chosen for complete destruction and will watch as their sand art is blown to oblivion.  Each explosion becomes a spectacular work of art itself when replayed in super slow motion.  The blasted teams then have the remaining time to create another world-class work of art from scratch.

In a new twist, the last team randomly chosen for detonation has a chance to save their sculpture - -but only if they can beat the odds.  This suspense filled moment will seal the fate of one anxious team.

Imagination, talent and nerves of steel combine in this heart-pounding competition as teams battles to win this gut-busting test of endurance and all out sand warfare.  Join hosts Rossi Morreale and Michele Merkin as Travel Channel takes viewers into the heart of the action for this explosive event.

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